Welcome to The Lights

No Social Badminton Friday 11th June and Saturday 12th June
due to an event at the Lights.

Online bookings for your favourite programs

You can book online now to register for our badminton, health and wellbeing programs and more For more information contact 8405 6670

Casual visits at The Lights

We know you love using the centre for casual visits, so here's an indication* on when the availability is for casual use.
Don't forget, to book a private volleyball or badminton court always give us a call first to check the availability!
Mondays - until 7pm
Tuesdays - Until 4pm
Wednesdays - Until 5pm
Thursdays - Until 6pm
Fridays - Until 6pm
Saturdays the centre is usually fully booked; give us a call to check the Saturday night availability after 6pm.
Sundays the centre is usually fully booked; give us a call to check the Sunday availability.

*this is subject to change at any time, staff have full discretion over court availability

Your sports venue

At The Lights we have world-class facilities to suit players of any age and ability - across a huge range of all-inclusive sports.

Your wellbeing zone

If there's an activity you can think of, we've probably got it covered at The Lights - and if we don't, we'd like to hear what you'd like to see at the Centre.

Your community hub

You don't need a pair of trainers to be able to enjoy The Lights - we have spaces for all kinds of gatherings for the whole community - from corporate to casual.